Monday, November 13, 2006

Harris Teeter at Charlotte's Cotswold Village and Raleigh's Lassiter Mill

Harris Teeter Cotswold
November 2006 (After):
November 2005 (Before):
One of Charlotte's oldest Harris Teeter stores, open since the early 1960s, has gotten a facelift. It is also one of the highest-grocing stores in the area. A beautiful store part of Cotswold Village Shops in Southeast Charlotte. Although the red crosshatching pattern on the windows will be missed, it is nice to see this store's renovation. There is new brick on the exterior, and it resembles the store at Lassiter Mill in Raleigh (see below) The original picture of the store above was taken on Thanksgiving Day (of the pre-remodel store) so that's why there are no cars in the lot, otherwise it's be packed as it is in the post-remodel photo.

Update: Interior Photos, Feb. 2009: Notice the similar style of the ceiling in the bakery/produce section, and the use of drop ceilings only found in older Harris Teeter stores these days.

Harris Teeter at Lassiter Mill Shopping Center, Raleigh, NC: (Feb. 2005)
This store which looks similar to the one in Cotswold was remodeled in 2002 as a part of the whole North Hills revitalization, a few miles north of downtown Raleigh. Here is a picture of the store from 1995, courtesy the Wake County Tax Website. I'm not 100% sure the store was a Harris Teeter in 1995 because it's hard to read exactly what the sign says although it does look like one, but i'm sure someone will know for sure. Edit: Steven says it was formerly a Winn-Dixie store.
Update: As of 2010, Harris Teeter's Lassiter Mill store has closed and relocated to a two-level location across the street in the new North Hills expansion.


Anonymous said...

The HT at North Hills used to be a Winn-Dixie

patrick richardson said...

Nice pictures of the HT at Cotswold---didn't even know it had gotten a facelift! Great site (this is my first visit!)!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome photos! It's pretty cool to see the remodeling =)