Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Grocerying in Winston-Salem

Lowes Foods - [Silas Creek] Parkway Plaza
This Lowes Foods opened in 1992, but is slated to close this month and become a Compare Foods store, which will be Winston-Salem's first. The store looks older than an early 90s store though, so I'm guessing it was something previously (a Byrd's perhaps?).
UPDATE: Grocerying reader Matt said that this store was once Lowes Foods' flagship store upon re-entering the Winston-Salem market and the first to feature their current logo and was most likely a Lowes since its opening.
Former Harris Teeter? - K-mart Plaza, Peters Creek Parkway
Is this really a former Harris Teeter store on Peters Creek Parkway, next to an old-school K-mart (which I have added a picture of for reference). If it was an old HT, it must have been the really old prototype store. (K-mart pictured below)
UPDATE: Anonymous said this was indeed a former Harris Teeter, which was originally a Big Star, and it operated as a low-volume store until its closing in the late 1990s.
K-mart - Peters Creek Parkway (see related blurb above)

Harris Teeter - Thruway Center
This store is located in one of Winston's oldest shopping centers, Thruway, and I consider this a "legacy" store of Harris Teeter, one that fits in the category with the other Morocroft-like prototype stores of the chain. I think that most of the major NC cities have one of these HT stores, as seen Thruway in Winston-Salem, Morocroft in Charlotte, Cameron Village in Raleigh, Friendly Center in Greensboro and Commons at University Place in Durham.
Update: Steven said this store was built where a Winn-Dixie once stood, once very upmarket.

Harris Teeter - Cloverdale
This HT nearby to the previous one shown is an old Kroger store (I believe) and is in close proximity to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (that's a mouthful).
Update: Steven said before this was an HT & Kroger, it was a former Zayre. Additionally, old Kroger shells are found in the area at the Dollar Tree store in Cloverdale and the Goodwill nearby.
Former Bi-Lo, turned former Southern Family Markets, Peters Creek Parkway.
Food Lion - Peters Creek Parkway.
This store is directly across the street from the former Southern Family Markets and probably has gained a lot of business from the former customers of that store.


Ash said...

Every time I drive by that Lowes on I-40, I wonder how long it will last. Seems like its time is up.

Anonymous said...

I am a current HT employee. The peters creek parkway location you are looking at in that picture was Store #49 if my memory serves. A Low volume location in Winston that closed sometime in the late 1990s. The store was an old Big Star, a food chain that HT Purchased years ago.

Steven Swain said...

K-mart Plaza -- Yep, that was a HT. It was a Big star as the other poster said as well.

Thruway Center -- HT built that store on the site of an old Winn-Dixie around 1992. It seemed really upmarket back then.

Cloverdale -- Yep, it was a Kroger, and before that, a Zayre (!) Over on the Dollar Tree side there's the shell of an older Kroger that one replaced, and across the street where the Goodwill is...you guessed it, another old Kroger shell.

Billy said...

That K-Mart looks exactly like the one that used to be near Carolina Circle Mall! I've seen it before, but I think I've only been in there a couple of times. I've gotta check that place out for some good dose of retail nostalgia.

Matt said...

That Lowes on Silas Creek (#141) was built to bring Lowes Foods back into the Winston Market after having closed all their old stores. It was once the flagship for Lowes and was the first to have their current logo with the apples to the left and "foods" under lowes in bigger font. The store has been exclusive to Lowes to my understanding, just been shopped hard over the years, as well as that part of town deteriorating and becoming a different demographic of shoppers. I have worked there a couple of times in my career for Lowes, and most of the personnel there will be going to the Robinhood and Clemmons stores.