Sunday, September 02, 2007

Grocerying in Burlington and Winston-Salem

It's time for some Triad Grocerying! These photos are from Winston-Salem, Burlington and Gibsonville (NC).

Lowes Foods - Winston-Salem
This store is located at Robinhood and Peace Haven Roads in the Mount Tabor area of Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem is Lowes Foods' home turf and so many of the stores there have the older prototype look to them.

Harris Teeter - Winston-Salem
This HT store is just across the street from the Lowes Foods mentioned above. It has a newer look with the domes on top which are pretty rare to see.

Wal-Mart Supercenter, Burlington
This is the primary Wal-Mart store serving the Burlington and Elon areas.

Super Kmart Center - Burlington
Despite being a dying breed, this K-mart seems to be alive and kicking as a supercenter. Even as competition is increasing in the area. (Greensboro also has Super K-mart).

This Harris Teeter store opened last year after it relocated from its old location across the street. The store it is currently in used to be a Winn-Dixie, and Harris Teeter's old store is now a Gold's Gym.

One of the older styles of Lowes Foods, this was once a Byrd's Grocery Store before Lowes Foods took over them in the 90s.


elizabeth said...

I'm lovin the domes on the HT! hehe rare, indeed.

Steven Swain said...

Can't say that I dig the Lowes or the Supercenters, but the two HTs are pretty nice, especially the late-Jeffersonian dual-dome deal in Mt. Tabor.

The Burlington store has its appeal, definitely, though the gabled front and arch remind me of a brick-faced Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine.

Was the Gibsonville Lowes ever a Winn-Dixie? It looks like one.

cantnot said...

Steven, The Lowes Foods was not a Winn-Dixie, despite it having that look. Looks like some of Byrds' stores did have the WD look.