Saturday, October 13, 2007

Super Kmart Center - Southern Pines

There are not too many Super Kmart Centers left in the state, sadly, and here is a rather uniquely designed former store in Moore County.  It opened in the mid 1990s, replacing an older style Kmart in nearby Aberdeen.  The closest Kmart stores now are in Sanford and Fayetteville. (photo credits: jerseyman4).

2012 Update: This store has been razed for a new Kohl's.


Anonymous said...

I really hope that they bring a Target or SuperTarget to the Pinehurst Southern Pines area, Fayetteville is getting too far to drive and we definitely have the income and population to support a Target store. We've lost our Kmart and Wal-mart is a dump.

Mike said...

Shame.. I used to go to this store a lot as a kid. I really don't remember too much about how the layout was but I do know how the front end was and where the electronics and garden department was. I just happen to be looking on google streets and I see they fully tore down the building so it's fresh data.

Amazing that the Outback Steakhouse has been steady that whole time.