Friday, July 04, 2008

Local Green Markets: Talley's (closed), Home Economist and Berrybrook Farm

One of Charlotte's original independent natural & organic food markets, Talley's Green Grocery, has closed its doors recently for good. The store opened 17 years ago in the Dilworth Community, at a time when Dilworth was in the midst of a revitalization and re-awakening. Now, with stores such as Trader Joe's and Earth Fare coming into the market, Talley's size, price and variety faced a stiff wall of competition. Still, for those who want natural & organic and want to keep it in the neighborhood, there is Charlotte's first health foods store - Berrybrook Farm - located diagonally across the street from Talley's former location off East Boulevard. Berrybrook Farm is located in a quaint structure that doesn't really blend in with the new modern architectures that surrounds it, thus maintaining a sort of charm. Additionally, Charlotte-based Home Economist has a store in the nearby Sedgefield neighborhood off South Boulevard (and a Davidson and Independence location as well). The Sedgefield store is in a former Harris Teeter, one of the first ones, and incorporates a redesign that has made it one of the sleekest looking grocery stores in Charlotte. Both Berrybrook Farms and Home Economist are definitely worth a visit! See more photos of the South Boulevard Home Economist store on

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Talley's -
Home Economist -, Interior:
Berrybrook Farm - Mecklenburg County Tax Website

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Steven Swain said...

I don't think you could come up with three more different looking grocery stores than one another.