Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grocerying at a different kind of Wal-Mart in High Point, NC

The newly renovated Wal-Mart store on North Main Street at Hartley Drive in High Point: It's not quite a supercenter, nor is it quite a regular Wal-Mart, but a colorful hybrid of sorts. I have never seen a Wal-Mart store like this, and the new design is definitely intriguing. This Wal-Mart store was remodeled last year and re-opened recently. While High Point got a new supercenter on South Main Street in the location of a former Winn-Dixie Shopping Center, Wal-Mart closed its original High Point Store on North Main Street and remodeled it: It originally looked like this. Now, its exterior looks just like the new supercenter on the south end of High Point, except not as large. But the interior is anything but typical. Here are some camera-phone photos of the interior of store. Hope to get more photos of both stores!


Steven Swain said...

It's the last of the old school Walmart discount stores with a new twist

Anonymous said...

I like this Wal Mart more than the Super Centers. It has a very original feel to it and luckily lacks the unappealing atmosphere of the Supers.