Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grocerying in Southwest Virginia

Here are some photos of stores in mostly rural Southwest Virginia. These photos are courtesy jerseyman4, and they include Kroger - the dominant grocery store in this region - and Food City, a regional chain based in Abingdon, Virginia. Food City also has stores in parts of Tennessee and Kentucky. This Food City is unrelated to other Food City chains, such as the ones found in Arizona and the ones in the New York City area. Additionally seen are the discount department stores Roses and Magic Mart. Photos are from Galax, VA.

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Ken said...

Galax, VA is an oddity in that the two oldest grocers survived the arrival of Walmart SuperCenter. Ingles' and Food Lion with newer stores were fallout from the opening of Walmart. I would say it speaks volumes on the stability of the local population-no large in-migration or out-migration has occurred since the early 60's.