Thursday, February 17, 2011

Myers Park/Eastover Harris Teeter Expanding to Two Levels

New Store

Harris Teeter announced it will expand its store at the infamous Charlotte intersection of Providence and Queens Roads to two levels encompassing 42,000 square feet total. The store, at 1015 Providence Road, is located at the intersection of the two wealthiest neighborhoods in Charlotte: Myers Park and Eastover, one of many factors that make this store prime for expansion. Its current size at 20,000 square feet sets it as an express store, and a tight parking lot, simply isn't large enough to serve the community. Ever since neighboring Myers Park Hardware shut its doors, speculation began to build as to when Harris Teeter would expand its store. Initially thought to be a upfit of the current street-side location, we've learned that the store will be demolished for a brand new store on the back side of the lot.

Two-story Trend
In recent years, Harris Teeter has been experimenting with two level stores. Raleigh recently got a two level Harris Teeter in the North Hills expansion, which replaced the store at Lassiter Mill. Additionally, the Washington, D.C. metro area has many stores that have a second level as well, and these stores tend to include items such as a pharmacy. Charlotte's Uptown Harris Teeter includes a small second level for wine selections.

Historic Store
As we mentioned, the current store is around 20,000 square feet and it originally opened as an A&P supermarket in 1938 according to tax records. Harris Teeter took over the store when A&P left the market in 1997 and later expanded to the Ethan's Townhouse Restaurant next door. Due to its size, the chain labeled it as the first (and only) "Harris Teeter Express." It should be noted that this store is the oldest continuously operating grocery store location in Charlotte.

Rendering courtesy of Harris Teeter, Map provided by Bing Maps
Photos taken in 2004. Blog post updated on 2/18/2011.

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