Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Former Harris Teeters of Atlanta ... and a few Krogers

Shallowford Rd - Marietta

Cambridge Square - Atlanta

Rivermont - Alpharetta

With help from Windows Live Local's Birds Eye Imagery, we were able to go through and see what many of the old HT stores in Atlanta looked like today. Harris Teeter was in atlanta from the early 90s to the early 00s, and a lot of the stores have now become Kroger.
8465 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta (Kroger)

2960 Shallowford Rd NE, Marietta (Kroger)
4400 Roswell Rd NE, Marietta (Vacant)

2480 Mt Vernon Rd, Atlanta (Ace Home Place)
237 Johnson Ferry Rd, Atlanta (Vacant)
4967 Roswell Road NE, Atlanta (Vacant?)
2037 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Atlanta (Kroger)

3954 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta (Kroger)
1799 Briarcliff Rd, Atlanta (Kroger)
2880 N Druid Hills Rd (Vacant)

Windows Live Local did not have birds-eye view for the Commerce Dr store in Decatur and the Abbotts Bridge Rd store in Duluth.

Not former Harris Teeter stores, but Noteworthy:

3871 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta (A former A&P that became a Kroger) this one is noteworthy because it is essentially across the street from the former HT that became a Kroger.
South Buckhead Kroger This Kroger looks like a former Harris Teeter, but apparently isn't. It seems to be a well-designed urban store though.
North Buckhead Kroger

(Loopnet/Kroger/Google Images/Windows Live Local/Harris Teeter site)


Livemalls said...

Shows how interchangable HT and Kroger's locations can be sometimes. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

mmmm HTs to Krogers...gotta love it! I'll have to get you a pic of the Mville Kroger!

Grocerying said...

I would love that. Thanks Steven and Elizabeth.

todd said...

It seems like the South Buckhead store never opened as HT... built to be one but opened as Kroger. isn't that the 2 story Kroger??

todd said...

Isn't North Buckhead Kroger the old "Disco Kroger" from the Limelight days??

Grocerying said...

Yes, I believe it is, that was why that Kroger was noteworthy... it was never a former HT

Anonymous said...

The South Buckhead Kroger was an underconstruction Harris-Teeter at the time Kroger bought the HT's. It has Kroger interior, but is smaller to fit the urban size and Kroger included a pharmacy, which has been added to the HT's that have become a Kroger except the Commerce Drive Decatur and the Peachtree City location on 100 North Peachtree Parkway. A proposed HT on Ponce de Leon ended up being the site of an urban Publix. Athens had an HT on Alps Road in Beechwood S/C that is vacant as Kroger was already a block away-Kroger had been in Beechwood in the Post Office location. A replacement Kroger has opened on Alps Road when the Winn-Dixie site was redeveloped.

Anonymous said...

The 2880 N. Druid Hills HT is now LA Fitness.

BK said...

The 4400 Roswell Road is also now a LA Fitness

Grocerying said...

Thanks BK!

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