Sunday, July 30, 2006

Winn Dixie - Forest Oaks, Greensboro

After sitting vacant for over a year, it was recently announced that this former Winn Dixie in the Forest Oaks Community will become a Food Lion. A major boon to the residents who have been trying to get a grocer in the area for a long time, and a debacle going on with the city over the sewer system and the not so fickle developer. The photo was taken last year in the final days before the store shut down. To put it into perspective, the closest grocery store is approx. 8 miles away for the Forest Oaks Community.

12.8.06 Edit:
The Winn Dixie caught ablaze on 10/5; no new word on the Food Lion either.


Steven Swain said...

That's definately grat news for the people of Forest Oaks.

todd said...

Love your blog.... I'm a Carolina boy, so it hits home. We live in Romania and was wondering.... want a few pix of grocery stores over here? Let me know where to email them if you want. You can see 2 pix at my blog,

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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