Saturday, August 12, 2006

Southern Family Markets: Leaving NC

(Southern Family Markets - High Point)

It is noteworthy mentioning that Southern Family Markets, which was the store that replaced Bi-Lo when they pulled out of the Triad and Fayetteville areas of NC, is now pulling out of NC altogether. We've lost two major grocers in the Triad area (Winn Dixie and Bi-Lo), and now with SFM leaving will we see vacant storefronts, independent grocers, a new or returning player to the market (Kroger, Publix) or one of the current chains (Lowes, Food Lion, HT) takeover these stores... your thoughts?

Winston Salem Journal article


Steven Swain said...

In a five-year span, the Triad has gone through a major grocery chain shift. The market was seriously overstored, now it runs the risk of being under-stored if the closed stores don't find replacement grocers. It's an odd turn of events.

KERRY said...

Royal Tennessee SFM rumored to close DEC. 9 2006. Why would SFM buy stores that were profitable just to close them .It was Bi-Lo until last year .

cantnot said...

Who knows. Southern Family Markets was an oddity in itself and definately DOA.