Friday, November 24, 2006

Bi-Lo - Independence Square, Charlotte

(Berkley Capital/KIMCO)
This Bi-Lo grocery store in Charlotte's Independence Square Shopping Center encompasses around 56,000 square feet and the store was originally built in 1988. The store was a Kroger for a short period of time the 80s, when Kroger tried to unsuccessfully re-enter the Charlotte market.** The store has great visibility from the heavily traveled Independence Boulevard (Hwy 74) between downtown Charlotte and Matthews.

**Edit: actually, according to Grocerying reader Rick, this store was never a Kroger.


Elizabeth said...

Bi-Lo...mmm! I always loved bi lo...they used to put out the buy one get one free coupons before they got the bi-lo bonus card...those were the good ol days of clipping the coupons!

Rick said...

This store was actually never a Kroger.

cantnot said...

Ok. I thought it was a Kroger. guess not. thx for the info.

Anonymous said...

As of November 2008, this store is sitting empty.