Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Stock 'N Save - W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte; Bottom Dollar and other Food Lion ventures.

If it looks like a Food Lion and smells like a Food Lion, is it a Food Lion? Well not quite. This is a $tock 'N $ave store in southwest Charlotte, and according to Funding Universe, the store is actually a concept that is like Aldi, a no-frills market that carries only a fourth of what a normal grocery store would, keeping pricing and overhead low. This is akin to the concept of Food Lion's new Bottom Dollar stores (and this Stock 'N Save may become a Bottom Dollar, if it already hasn't). Bottom Dollar's reception has been cold, to say the least. Most patrons who've had their former Food Lion turned into a Bottom Dollar are thoroughly disappointed.

Interestingly enough, Food Lion also owns two other discount grocers in the south, Reid's in South Carolina (which to our knowledge, has no web presence except for an online ad on a local newspaper's website.) and Harvey's throughout Georgia. Grocerying reader Elizabeth expressed her displeasure about Harvey's saying their grocerying needs are "retro" and "they don't even have a loyalty card." She also went on to comment about the store's condition, stating "the dust is caked on the expiration date and the shelf life has really outsone itself."

Funding Universe
About Bottom Dollar


elizabeth said...

Hey theres my quote! haha =) And I so want to go with you to see the bottom dollar stores...they seem so creepy and cool at the same time.

Dylan said...

Harvey's sucks. Serious suckage. I like creepy grocery stores too. I like those old ghetto Food Lion stores you took us too.

Anonymous said...

Granted if you don't like limited selection or bagging your own groceries you don't go to stores like Sav-A-Lot, Bottom Dollar, Aldi, and the rest. I do understand complaints about quality and cleanliness,but at these limited selection self-serve stores don't complain aout lack of service and selection. I occasionally venture into these typestores for basic needs when I'm close to one. I don't go out of the way to shop at one, but I know there are plenty who do. These type stores can be cheaper than Wal-Mart without the crowds and having to cover the space a WM takes up.

KingBushwicktheToityToid said...

When I Was A Kid In The Houston Area in The 60's and Early 70's,There Was A Discount Chain Called"Bottom Dollar"!!
They were A Predecessor of Super WalMart!!
Are The"Bottom Dollar"Stores Mentioned Here any Relation To
The Ones I Remember??

cantnot said...

kingbushwickthetoitykid: The two chains are unrelated.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the last surviving Food Lion in the Bristol, Va area being run into the ground since it opened around 8 years or so ago. It started out doing $50,000 a week less than projected and has been spiraling downwards month after month. Its such a joke seeing only employee cars in the parking lot. Management thought it would be a good idea to cut half its inventory and take out every other isle. I stopped in a few weeks ago and saw the Meat Dept Manager putting reduced stickers on what looked like about 1/4 of all the meat in the case. The only cashier on duty said that they only do about $50,000 a week now...lol
When are they gonna pull the plug on this mistake.

Anonymous said...

Food Lion = Ghetto Kitty