Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bloom - Cheshire Commons, Charlotte

(Image via Treo Systems)
Well, after talking about Bottom Dollar and Food Lion's other ventures, I figured it was time to make a post about Bloom. Bloom originated as a test-concept in north Charlotte with five area stores, and is quickly expanding now to the upstate of South Carolina and the Washington, D.C. area. They focus on convienence and their layout is atypical of a standard grocer. Visual Store has a great article on Bloom and how this concept works (Images too). A perk is being able to scan your own items before you place it in the cart, and that certainly helps make Bloom certainly is "a different kind of grocery store." The Bloom picture above is the flagship store at Sugar Creek Rd & Harris Blvd. It is about 39,000 square feet and opened brand new in 2004.

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Bloom at Greensboring.com

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Cheshire Commons


elizabeth said...

I want to go to bloom as well. I remember seeing the trucks on the interstate! Their stores look really snazzy now that you've shown me pics. =)

BHS87 said...

I haven't been but my father has. His only complaint is that they stock it from the Food Lion distribution centers, so the merchandise is essentially just like an ordinary Food Lion. Anyone have any comment on their selection?

Anonymous said...

No Blooms are close by, only Food Lions. The newest one here is a "circular" design like sister-chain, Kash-n-Karry used a few years back in Florida. It;s definitely more upscale than the typical Food Lions have been. Produce, meat, deli and other fresh foods don't seem to be an upgrade from Food Lion. I wouldn't expect Bloom to greatly improve the fresh offering except in presentation and maybe adding Boars Head deli meats. Maybe less emphasis on store brands since the target market seems to be the Harris-Teeter, Earth Fare, and Whole Foods shopper.

Anonymous said...

Even though Bloom is stocked out of Food Lion DC's they have many... products that are exclusive only to the Bloom stores as they are not a fit for the Food Lion model. They are really beautiful high quality stores.