Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Before & After: Bi-Lo, Freedom Drive/Ashley Road

The first store opened originally in 1978 at Freedom Plaza (corner of Freedom Dr. and Ashley Rd.) as one of the first Kroger Sav-On stores in Charlotte. Then in the 80s when Kroger bowed out, it naturally became a Bi-Lo store. There is also a store that looks identical to this one over on Eastway as well at Northpark Mall. Bi-Lo left this location in 2002 to move down the street to the corner of Ashley and Allegheny to build one of their signature stores that is over 50,000 square feet. At last check, the old store had become a Dollar Tree store.

Information from Charlotte Mecklenburg Tax Website &


Anonymous said...

It's amazig how futuristic the Kroger Sav-on's seemed 25-30 years ago. Unfortunately the buildings haven't aged well and seem to plain. Those Kroger's were huge stores for their time and just seemed to take grocery shopping to a whole new level.

cantnot said...

yeah I personally love the futuristic look, and it may have been ahead of its time.

Anonymous said...

I was the division Dairy Buyer for the Kroger Sav-On division with our office on Tyvola Rd. Kroger-Sav-On was ahead of its time but nfortunately, the amount of hours given to Store Managers hurt the division more since customer service really suffered. In addition, all Frozen food items had to come out of Roanoke, VA or Atlanta, GA which amounted to very high transportation costs. It was a good company to work for if you were in management at the regional level like was. If you were a store manager, you had to work around 80 hours per week.