Friday, April 13, 2007

Bi-Lo For Sale? + Bi-Lo at Litchfield Landing, SC

Bi-Lo at Litchfield Landing in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, a uniquely designd store with 33,773 square feet of space. (Edens & Advant) Link:

Interestingly enough, with the rumor of Publix coming into the Charlotte market (and other NC markets), Lone Star Funds has put Bi-Lo on the sales block. Bi-Lo says they aren't going anywhere though but I guess this is one story that we will have to be watching closely (see what happened in the Triad with the whole Southern Family Markets fiasco). And it really wouldn't be surprising, any grocer in CLT that isn't independent (Compare Foods, Home Economoist) or a leading chain (Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Wal-Mart and up-and-coming Lowes Food) will probably not find success in Charlotte (Winn-Dixie, the most recent example).

"In the Charlotte region, Bi-Lo has seen its market share slowly erode as Harris Teeter and Wal-Mart have gained dominance. In 2004, Bi-Lo held 13 percent of the market with 27 stores, according to TradeDimensions International, a market research firm."

Articles: Bi-lo on sales block. Will the whole Bi-Lo sell?


elizabeth said...

I hope they don't sale the Bi-Lo. I have so many great memories with Bi-Lo...That one reminds me of a bank for some reason, though.

cantnot said...

Well it looks like it just may happen

Mustafa said...

My advice to all Bi-Lo associates,get a back-up plan.After Bi-lo pulled out of the Triad and left its employeees to deal with short lived Southern Family markets,had I not had a backup plan, I would have been left high and dry. Turns out it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I do miss my old BiLo friends.

Anonymous said...

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