Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bi-Lo Independence Square Update

We've recently learned that the Bi-Lo store at Charlotte's Independence Square on Independence Boulevard has closed. This is the latest store to close on a quickly deteriorating "corridor of crap" where everything is seemingly moving south on US 74, or to the Uptown/Midtown area, leaving a black hole in between. The Steve & Barry's store, which took over the former Super K-mart Center on Independence Boulevard is closing as well, soon to leave another big empty 200,000 square foot store.


Pat R. said...

It doesn't seem like there will be any Grocery stores left in the area when Bi-Lo closes. The Harris-Teeter closed down the street last year. I guess that leaves the Wal-Mart on Sardis Rd N. Is there still a Harris Teeter at Matthews Festival?

C said...

Has anything opened in this location?

Grocerying said...

Super G Mart, an international type of grocery store, will be moving in soon