Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harris Teeter plans reinvention for Plaza-Midwood store

Above: What the site will look like in 2013. Below: what the site looks like today, via Streetview.
Harris Teeter's store, in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood, is in store for some major changes. The current store is 29,000 square feet, and will expand to a 48,400 square foot store, similar to the new Harris Teeter planned for Myers Park/Eastover. Also similar to the new Myers Park/Eastover store, the Plaza-Midwood store will front the streetside of Central Avenue and The Plaza. The Plaza-Midwood Harris Teeter will be more modern and blend with the neighborhood in its design, taking cues from Washington D.C.'s Adams Morgan store. Additionally, the store will feature a green roof.

Store History:
Although this store is often regarded as the "first" Harris Teeter store, it is a relocation of the first Harris Supermarket, which opened in 1938 in a former A&P in the 1500 block of Central Avenue. In 1950, the store relocated to its current location a few blocks down to 1704 Central Avenue. It was not until 1960 when the Harris and Teeter supermarkets combined to make Harris Teeter.

See more photos of the site plan & rendering via Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Partners.

Update See photos from this store's closing day, June 5th, 2012.

The store will reopen in 2013.

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